Introductory Clinic

The purpose of the Introductory Clinic is to provide an in-depth player evaluation allowing instructors to group individuals into one of the 3 clinic levels.

Designed like a school’s open house or a parent-teacher night, the Introductory Clinic permits parents and players to meet and greet Clinic instructors and ask relevant player development questions allowing for proper player guidance in the evolving youth soccer landscape.

ELITE LEVEL (Advanced)

The Elite category is specifically designed for soccer players who have graduated from the ‘Essential’ and ‘Core’ ability levels. Classes at the Elite level integrate high intensity skill training, challenging match-related decision making, and advanced agility and coordination exercises.

Players who wish to enroll at the Elite level are required to attend an introductory class so they can be properly evaluated.

CORE LEVEL (Intermediate)

Classes that are Core designated reinforce ‘Essential’ technical skills and combine appropriate decision-making sequencing to allow players to be proficient during match play. To participate in designated Core classes players must have enrolled in at least one 7-week ‘Essential’ clinic level.


Essential level focuses on learning vital “DNA skill sets” that provide the necessary baseline for players to be technically proficient with the ball.