Eagan Named UWS East Defensive Player of the Year

Kelly Eagan has been named the UWS East Defensive Player of the Year. Women’s assistant coach Flavio Ferri said, “Kelly had a phenomenal season helping to anchor one of the top defenses in the league.” He noted the importance of Eagan’s intangibles, “Her consistency, intensity and leadership were instrumental in the success of the team.”

Eagan, alongside Sue Alber, created one of the best backlines in the league. Eagan is confident in defense and makes timely tackles. She is excellent at using her height to win headers against the opposition. Eagan separates herself from most defenders with her ability to get forward. After winning the ball back, Eagan would turn and start the break for the Rough Riders. Eagan led the Long Island Rough Riders to a 3rd place finish and the East Conference’s best defense. The Rough Riders only conceded 10 goals on the season.