Free ACL Workshop – Walk ups welcome
May 2015

Plainview NY – The Long Island Rough Riders and Globall Sports Centers, in cooperation with BASE Sports Conditioning are hosting an interactive workshop designed to teach athletes and coaches proven strategies to reduce their risk of injury. Held on Monday, May 4th from 7:00 to 8:00 PM, the workshop will take place at Globall Sports Centers in Garden City. Admission is free.

More than 20,000 high school female athletes in the United States suffer a serious sports related knee injury each year. Even though females are up to eight times more susceptible, ACL Injuries are a growing problem in youth sports for both genders. Doctors noticed a 400 percent increase in anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries in teens and adolescents over the last 10 years, a torn ACL often requires surgery in addition to 6 to 12 months of rehabilitation.

 “With the rise of ACL injuries, our goal is to help educate the parents, as well as the athletes, to the importance of warming-up properly and adopting a strength and conditioning program that focuses on the prevention of these issues”, said Mike Mejia. “Statistics show, that with only 15 minutes of specialty training twice a week, the number of ACL injuries could decrease by 64%.”

The focus of this presentation will be discussing ways to prevent ACL injuries in young athletes and providing attendees with valuable take-home knowledge and tools to begin implementing in their regular athletic training regimen.  Moreover, attendees will be shown a variety of exercises to strengthen their ACL.

In addition to the presentation, screenings will allow us to present participants with more information on their risk to this injury, as well as personalized exercises to minimize them. Free screenings will be available for the first 25 attendees to sign up.

“I’m excited at the opportunity to offer such a valuable service to young athletes and coaches”’ said Meghan Frey, the Executive Director of Globall Sports Centers and a Head Coach with the Long Island Rough Riders Soccer Club. “Knee injuries continue to be a growing epidemic and if we can assist in providing the youth sports community with knowledge and tools to potentially reduce the risk of these injuries then it’s something our organization is happy to facilitate.”

baseAbout BASE Sports Conditioning
Our mission is to provide young athletes, with the information and resources they need to build healthier, more resilient bodies. By focusing less on “sports-specific” training and instead striving for more balanced athletic development, our primary objective is to help athletes avoid falling victim to the numerous overuse injuries that currently plague youth sports. Through a comprehensive approach that highlights the correction of postural and strength imbalances, improving movement efficiency and greater nutritional awareness, athletes who train with us will not only enhance their performance- but they’ll do so as a result of developing a stronger overall conditioning B.A.S.E.

globall_scntrsAbout Globall Sports Centers
Globall Sports Centers provide indoor and outdoor athletic facilities for all levels of sports-specific programming. More than a place to practice and play, these facilities serve as community centers that bring athletes and families together through youth and adult leagues, tournaments, multi-sport clinics, and special events.

lirr_logoAbout the Long Island Rough Riders
The Long Island Rough Riders have established themselves as one of North America’s premier soccer franchises. Since their inception in 1994, the Rough Riders have won four National Championships playing in the United Soccer Leagues. The Men’s and Women’s teams have featured many star athletes over the years, including U.S. National Team members, MLS All-Stars, and renowned international players many of whom have represented their country in World Cups.

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