Fun at Gribbin Elementary

Fun at Gribbin Elementary

Representatives of the Long Island Rough Riders visited Gribbin Elementary School, Glen

Cove to assist field day activities. The Rough Riders trainers and employees met with children,who ranged from kindergartners through grade 4, to show their support of wellness and physicalfitness during the school’s field day.

Due to rain, the field day was held inside the gymnasium but that did not stop the fun the Rough Riders and the children had. The Rough Riders were involved in all of the day’s activities, including several relay races, a basketball shooting contest and soccer dribbling games.

“It was great to see all the children work together during the relay races. Not only were they being active they were also learning about teamwork and sports safety,” said Community Outreach Director David Valencia. “I along with the children had a really fun time!”  

For more information on the Rough Riders or to schedule a player appearance, please call 516.622.3900 or email