Gillett Signs with Watford Ladies FC
Mar 2016

“Watford Ladies FC is pleased to announce the news that goalkeeper Lucy Gillett has joined the Club.

With English parents but having grown up in New York, Lucy has spent much of her career playing in the States, turning out for Springfield College and Hofstra University.

After finishing her collegiate career at Springfield, she decided to move to Iceland, winning the Player of the Season award for Knattspyrnufélagið Fram.

The next step of the career will now be at Watford.

“I just wanted to get away and have a little change in life,” Gillett says of the move. “I do have family that live in England and both of my parents are English. It just seemed like the right decision to come over here and play.

“I got in contact with Watford and came over for some training. After I had met some of the girls and Katie [Rowson – Manager], I realised that this is the club that felt right, I felt at home by joining.”

With a total of six goalkeepers now at the club, it’s impossible not to discuss competition with the new arrivals.

“Knowing that we’re all competing for the same starting spot, surprisingly everyone has been really extremely friendly and welcomed me in very nicely,” Lucy explained.

“We’ve added a really good goalkeeping coach who I’m excited to work with. It’s definitely nice to show up to practice and have such a friendly group of goalkeepers that are working for the same position but encouraging and motivating each other through every drill, every step of the way.”

With just over 24 hours to go until the league campaign gets underway, the level of excitement is understandably going up a notch.

“I’m way beyond excited to get the season started on Wednesday,” says Gillett. “My goals are definitely not to allow any goals, that’s a big one!

“Otherwise, it’s to play our best and put everything we’ve been working on the last few weeks into practice. We’ll put everything into the season and go out there and give it our all every game.”