Jones leads Rough Riders to victory
Jun 2015

Huntington, NY – The Long Island Rough Riders defeated the North Jersey Valkyries with 4 – 0, goals by Shan Jones, CJ Ludemann and Erica Flowers, keep the team in playoff contention.

The first half started strong, with two good Rough Riders attacks. In the 4th minute a pass from Ludemann found Jones, who set herself free, starting a speedy counter attack that could only be stopped through a tackle around the 15-yard mark. Only 3 minutes later another good pass found yet again Jones, but Valkyries goalkeeper Katherine Courter was there to save the shot. The 12th minute marked the first chance for the Valkyries, but Danielle Schulmann’s shot went over the crossbar.

Pushing for the lead, Ludemann and Jones started another counter attack, but the defense was there to intercept Jones shot. The 19th minute marked the first goal of the day, as good pass from Ludemann found Jones about 20 yards out. Jones outplayed three defenders and slotted the ball right into the lower right corner, marking her 5th goal of the season having scored in every home game so far.

The game continued with several chances on both sides. The Valkyries, now looking to even the score, started a good counter attack, but Stefanie Scholz’s shot in the 22nd minute was intercepted by the Rough Riders defense, who led the ball right into Emily Doherty’s arms. The Rough Riders started another good counter attack in the 30th minute as Ludemann passed the ball to Samantha Scolarici inside the box, but her shot went right into Courters arms. Seconds later, the Valkyries answered with a good counter attack but Alana O’Neils shot was intercepted by the Rough Riders defense.

As the first half came to a close, the Rough Riders had two more good chances. In the 40th minute Jones passed the ball to Ruby Staplehurst who passed it back to Jones who’s shot went over the cross bar. The last chance of the first half was a great shot from Sue Alber Weber, but goalkeeper Courter was there to save her shot from 10 yard out.

The second half started with several good chances on both sides. In the 49th minute, Ludemann started a great counter attack, passing the ball to Scolarici who led it to Kelly Eagan passing it to Shelby Halasz, but her shot from 10 yards out was saved. It was Alber Weber, who prevented a goal for the Valkyries in the 56th minute, intercepting a good attack, leading the ball right into Doherty’s arms. Only minutes later, Doherty saved a phenomenal shot from Scholz who started a speedy counter attack on the right.

It was the 75th minute that marked the second goal of the day, as a good pass from Jones found Ludemann inside the box. Ludemann overpasses goalkeeper Eliza Gray, scoring her second goal of the season. After another good save by Doherty and a speedy counter attack by Jones got intercepted at the 10-yard mark, the Rough Riders scored their 3rd goal of the day. It was yet again Ludemann with the assists, whose pass found Erica Flowers at the 10 yard mark. Flowers shot in the 81st minute overpassed Gray again, bringing the Rough Riders to a comfortable 3 – 0 lead.

As the stoppage time came closer, the Valkyries were pushing for their first goal of the night but the Rough Riders defense, led by goalkeeper Doherty did a great job saving every shot. It was yet again Shan Jones scoring, as a pass by Mackenzie Kober found her inside the box in the 86th minute. This was her 6th goal in her 6th game this season, bringing the game to a final score of 4 – 0.

“We are happy to get the victory at home after a tie and a loss,” said General Manager and Assistant Coach Flavio Ferri. “This win keeps us in pace with the top teams in our division and gives us back the confidence we need for our upcoming games.”

The Rough Riders will continue their run for the playoffs when they take on the New Jersey Wildcats during another great double-header with the Rough Riders PDL team next Saturday.

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About the W-League

The W-League is the first and longest-standing women’s soccer league in North America. The 2015 W-League will include 18 teams in three regional conferences, featuring current and former international and professional stars.


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The Long Island Rough Riders have established themselves as one of North America’s premier soccer franchises. Since their inception in 1994, the Rough Riders have won four National Championships playing in the United Soccer Leagues. The Men’s and Women’s teams have featured many star athletes over the years, including U.S. National Team members, MLS All-Stars, and renowned international players many of whom have represented their country in World Cups.


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