Qosa Named Boys Technical Director

The Long Island Rough Riders have announced Rigels Qosa as the Boys Premier Technical Director. Qosa has been working in the Rough Riders program since 2012.

“I loved the program since the beginning where the players were eager to learn and play”, Qosa said.

Qosa’s passion for the game dates back to his early playing days. At the age of 15, he was captain of the Albanian National Team Under-16. Rosa’s 13 year career featured a lot of success. By age 21, he had scored 38 goals in 72 games in the Albanian Superliga and later in his career appeared in the European Champions League. Once Qosa, ended his professional career he went straight to coaching. Qosa began coaching in 2004 and has loved every minute of it.

Qosa said, “While coaching, my love and passion about the game never faded. I always want to be in the field and coach. I try to make an impact to young players to love and have passion for this beautiful game.”

Qosa is guaranteed to make Rough Rider players better but he will also ensure they are enjoying what they are doing. Qosa said, “I always ask the players at the end of each practice if they had fun. Bringing smiles to these kids, while they work hard and grow as players, makes my day.”

Flavio Ferri, General Manager, is excited for what Rigels brings to the table.

“Rigels brings tremendous passion, energy, and knowledge to each session.  He utilizes his exceptional playing skills, creative instincts,  and strong understanding of the game, to effectively coach and teach each and every player.”

Qosa will make sure to give his players with an important piece of advice that he received as a player. “Never give up. You will always have another chance and you will succeed.”