Rough Riders and New York Magic draw in last regular game of the season
Jul 2015

Plainview, NY – The Long Island Rough Riders women take home one point in their last regular game of the season after late goals by Kober and Jones.

The game started fast through a goal by New York Magic’s Sara Sanu-Ruiz in the first minute. After the Rough Riders defense led by captain Sue Weber intercepted a good counter attack by New York Magic, a good shot by Erin Neville started a series of attacks. Just two minutes after a Shot by CJ Ludemann went just wide, Melissa Duarte started a good solo run on the left but Magic’s defense was there to clear in the 19th minute.

The first half continued with several chances on both sides as Diana Poulin saved a shot by Serina Kashimoto, just minutes before good free kick by Ludemann failed to connect to Mackenzie Kober inside the box. Continuing the game, great shots by Neville and Shan Jones were saved by Samantha Depken keeping the score at 1 – 0 for the Magic at halftime.

Starting the second half, the Rough Riders were pushing for the equalizer as Shani Nakihd intercepted a shot by Jones and a corner by Ludemann connected to Niccola Venezia inside the box, but her shot went over the crossbar. Goalkeeper Phallon Tullis-Joyce, now up for the Rough Riders saved a great shot by the Magic just minutes after entering the field.

The second half continued with several good chances, but it came to the last ten minutes, determining the final score of the game. Another goal for New York Magic scored by Shanoska Young in the 84th minute started off a series of goals. Just one minute later Kober scored the first Rough Rider goal of the day through a good assist by Jones. Just two minutes later, it was yet again her, scoring the equalizer for the Rough Riders after an assist by Sade Ayinde in the 87th minute. This was Shan Jones 11th goal of the season, keeping her in one of the top positions in the league.

The game came to a close with another good shot by both Young for the Magic and Jones for the Rough Riders, but as both shots were saved by the goalkeepers, the game ended with a draw at 2 – 2.