Rough Riders Announce Player Awards
Aug 2021


The Long Island Rough Riders men’s organization is proud to announce their picks for Player of the Year, Young Player of the Year and Player’s Player of the Year.

Player Of the Year- Hermanas Achterkamp

Achterkamp earned player of the Year after a season of solid defense. Totalling 898 minutes over the course of 12 games, he consistently proved to be the foundation in the center of the back line. 

“Huib was a rock at the back for us all season,” said head coach Tom Bowen. “We had a number of very good players that could play in the middle of the back line for us, but he made that spot his own and was one of the first names on the team sheet every game.”

The Rough Riders concluded their season with eight shutouts and only seven goals against. The record is a very impressive feat with much credit due to Achterkamp and the defense.

Bowen added that Achterkamp is “another natural leader within the group and another big reason behind us finishing the season with one of the best defensive records in the country.”

Young Player of the Year- Albert Kang

Midfielder Albert Kang made an impactful debut for the Rough Riders in his first season. Kang made appearances in nine games for a total of 679 minutes. 

“Albert was an integral part of our success this season and was the engine of the team in the middle of the field,” said Bowen.

Kang collected one goal and four shots while having a strong presence in the midfield.

“He is a special player and his ability to dominate the midfield both with and without the ball makes him one to watch out for on the Path to Pro,” said Bowen.

Player’s Player of the Year: Aaron Denk Garcia

Chosen by his fellow teammates, Denk Garcia is the Player’s Player of the Year. In addition to being an essential piece to the teams’ outstanding defense, he also served as the players’ dependable captain all season.

“Aaron was somebody that we worked hard to bring in this season and he certainly didn’t disappoint,” said Bowen. “From the first practice he was identified as a real leader within the group and made a team captain.”

Denk Garcia finished the season with 990 minutes played in 11 games. Both on and off the field, Denk Garcia was invaluable to the team, ultimately being elected the Player’s Player.

“That leadership along with his performances at the back played a huge part in our impressive defensive record this season and is another player that has a bright future in the game,” said Bowen.

The Rough Riders went on to win the conference championship in a 2-1 win over FA Euro New York. They concluded their season with a 9-1-4 record. The team looks to continue their success as they enter their off season.