Rough Riders fall to Quebec 2 – 1
Jun 2015

Huntington, NY – Currently in 2nd place of the Northeastern Conference, the Long Island Rough Riders took on the leader Quebec Dynamo this Sunday afternoon. After battling Laval Comets to a draw yesterday, the Rough Riders fell to Quebec 2 – 1, marking their first defeat this season.

An eventful 1st half started in the 5th minute when Erika Flowers got herself free on the right side. Her searching pass found CJ Ludemann in a good position at 10 yards but their play was whistled offside. Only 2 minutes later Ludemann got a good foot on a long ball served by Flowers at the 18 yard box, but their passing game again came to a halt when the flag went up.

Quebec in turn answered with a counter attack in the 10th min. Gosselin Joelle connected to the ball after a cross played by her teammate Metevier Marie-Mychele. She made her way through the center but her solo run was intercepted by Sue Weber. Quebec with the momentum pushed for a goal and found their chance to score in the 11th minute. Winning a one on one against Ruby Staplehurst, Metevier sprinted down the right flank where she blasted a powerful shot. Emily Doherty deflected the ball with her fingertips sending it beyond the goal line creating a corner kick for Quebec. Gosselin’s header lands right in Doherty’s hands.

A series of unfortunate events resulted in Quebec taking the lead in the 23rd minute. After another speedy counter attack by the Dynamo it’s the Rough Riders defense failing to get the ball out of the danger zone. It falls to the feet of Guy Melissande at the penalty spot. Tapping the ball with her right foot Doherty watched as the ball rolls past the right post and into the net. Quebec kept pushing for a second goal and created two more chances in the 29th and 32nd minute. Both times Metevier got herself free on the left side taking two volley shots on target that are both saved by Doherty.

Eager for the equalizer as half-time loomed near, Jones got on the end of a long ball played by Ludemann. Being known for her fast play action, she sped past Quebec’s defense, but her shot is saved by Vandal. After a free kick at 40 yards Weber sent a through ball to Flowers who connects to the ball inside the box, but it soars over the crossbar, marking the end of the 1st half.

The Rough Riders kept pushing for the equalizer in the early minutes of the second half. Santoro warded off defenders passing the ball to Flowers in the 18 yard box, but misses her chance to score. Their effort was rewarded in the 57th minute. A long ball by Erin Neville found Jones at the 30 yards line who started a speedy solo counter attack and lifted the ball over the outstretched Quebec goalkeeper right into the net. It marked her 4th goal in the 4th home game.

The next 20 minutes proved why Quebec and the Rough Riders are currently leading the Northeastern Conference. The power play on both sides repeatedly put the defenses to the test. But neither three corner kicks in a row for the Rough Riders in the 68th minute nor Quebec’s forwards firing shots on target in the 70th minute resulted in a goal.

The run for the playoffs was still on in this heated match when the Rough Riders suffered a setback as their captain Sue Weber had to leave the field due to an ankle injury in the 74th minute. Only 5 minutes later Jennifer Scro dished the ball to a waiting Laura Gomez who fired a shot from 17 yards, unluckily only hitting the crossbar.

A ball fumbled off the Rough Riders defense in the 84th minute brought the decision. Roy-Petitclerc connects to the ball just outside the box and slots it low to the left.

The Rough Riders women will return to Cy Donnelly Stadium this Wednesday June 17th to play the North Jersey Valkyries.