SYL National Player Pool

Rough Riders players make it into National Player Pool

What is the SYL National Player Pool?

The Super Y League National Player Pool is comprised of the most elite players participating in the Super Y League.

The way to get into the National Pool starts with being identified during matches in the Super Y League season.

The top 10% of the Super Y League players are invited to attend the Regional Scouting Series event in their region. The players who excel at these events are selected to participate in an All-Star game or placed directly into the Super Y League National Pool.

Congratulations to 6 of our Girls U13/14 Rough Riders players who were placed into the National Player Pool this year:     

  • Alexa Vegoda
  • Ashley Ladner
  • Brianna Jablonowski
  • Kenar Gelman
  • Stephanie Sparkowski
  • Sydney Urban





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