Rough Riders Player of the Year

It is time for the fans to choose this years Player of the Year! Who do you think deserves this honor? Don’t forget to vote on twitter! The link is below.

-Dan Gwyther – Gwyther was the glue that held the backline of the Rough Riders together. Gwyther led the team in minutes played with 975. Gwyther played the full 90 minutes in 10 of his 11 games.

-Dom Marshall – Marshall finished the season with six goals in 11 games. Marshall’s best game came against AC Connecticut, when he scored a brace including a 90-minute winner.

-Colin Murphy – Colin Murphy was a driving force in the midfield for the Rough Riders. He tallied two goals and three assists on the season.

-Junior Rosero – Rosero finished the season as the Rough Riders leading scorer. Rosero scored eight goals and finished the season with seven goals in his last five games. He also lead the team in shots with 48, while only playing nine games.

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