Super Y Regional Scouting Series

A few weeks ago, the Long Island Rough Riders sent 12 players to the Super Y League Regional Scouting Series. The 11 players who attended are:

Sage Bernstein, Carlo Conte, Kenar Gelman, Miguel Hulyalkar, Alec Tehranian, Alex Schachinger, Ethan Graziosi, Anthony Rinaldi, Stephanie Sparkowski, AlexaVegoda, Sahill Yadav, Sydney Urban.

The Super Y League Regional Scouting Series allows players to showcase their individual talents for college coaches in their region or qualify for a US Technical Championship. Over 10 collegiate programs sent coaches to watch the young players, including seven Division 1 schools. At the program, players had the opportunity to train and compete in Rene Meulensteen’s Technical Testing. Rene Meulensteen, former Manchester United First-team coach and trainer, believes players need to concentrate on the technical and tactical aspects  of soccer to reach their full-potential. Rene’s program has three goals:

Develop creative confident players

Teach players the skills needed to dominate the 1v1 situation

Design age and stage appropriate training sessions

At the camp Vegoda, Gelman, Urban, Sparkowski & Tehranian all made the All-Star team for their age group. The players from the Rough Riders academy found this program very helpful in advancing their games.