Women fall to North Jersey
Jul 2015

Plainview, NY – The Long Island Rough Riders faced a tough 2 – 4 defeat by the North Jersey Valkyries during their rematch last night. After drawing the game at halftime, the Valkyries used their chances to score two more goals and take home 3 points.

The game started strong with good chances on both sides. A long ball found Shan Jones inside the box, marking the first good chance about 5 minutes into the game, but goalkeeper Katherine Courter was there to save. Two minutes later, a long free kick started off the first chance for the Valkyries, but Emily Doherty was there to save the header from inside the box.

Danielle Schulmann scored the first goal of the game, bringing her team to the front in the 11th minute, as a long ball connected to her about 10 yards out leaving Doherty without a chance. The Rough Riders answered with good counter attacks but CJ Ludemann’s ball failed to connect inside the box and Ruby Staplehurst’s shot hit the side net.

Just 2 minutes after Sue Weber intercepted a good counter attack by the Valkyries in the 20th minute, Ludemann shot a great ball from 30 yards out, but missed the cross bar by inches. The 25th minute marked the second goal of the night, as Stefanie Scholz connected to a long shot inside the box and slot the ball into the lower right corner.

The Rough Riders were now pushing for their first goal of the night, but Jones shot after a good combination was blocked. Weber scored the first Rough Riders goal of the night in the 39th minute, as a good corner from Sade Ayinde found her inside the box. Just seconds later, the referee called a handball leading to a penalty kick for the Rough Riders. Ludemann’s shot left goalkeeper Courter without a chance, bringing the Rough Riders back into the game at half time.

The second half started with several good chances for the Rough Riders, but Ayinde’s shot from 15 yards out in the 48th minute was saved. Just one minute after a good shot by the Valkyries hit the cross bar in the 52nd minute, Jennifer Mihok scored her team’s third goal of the night.

The game continued with several good chances on both sides. A good pass found Jones about 15 yards out, but her shot went over the cross bar. The Valkyries answered with a counter attack but the shot went over the cross bar as well. Seconds after Doherty blocked a good shot by Scholz, Schulman scored the 4th Valkyries goal of the night in the 71st minute, as Erin Neville was left alone in the goal.

As the Rough Riders were pushing for the goal, the Valkyries defense did a great job intercepting attack after attack as the game came to a close. An other good chance by the Valkyries in the 89th minute marked the last shot on target, as a great shot by Nickolette Driesse hits the cross bar.

The Rough Riders are looking forward to their rematch against the North Jersey Valkyries next Wednesday and motivated to earn valuable point on their way to the playoffs.