U.S. Futsal Champions!

A few Junior Rough Riders participated in the 31st U.S. Futsal Championship in the San Jose last month with DV Academy. A packed house at the San Jose Convention Center created an intense atmosphere producing the perfect setting for Megan Checola, Samantha Goldberg, Thalia Valdez, Sophia Krinksy, Ari Caspi and Samantha Kolb. For the girls this is an experience that focuses on their skill. Players have the chance to maximize their skills and decision making by experiencing maximum touches of the ball in a confined area.

Sophia Krinsky said, “I like futsal because you can’t kick the ball as high or as fast as you would with a regular soccer ball.  You get to practice your foot-skills more.”

The girls did not show up to the tournament to only focus on their skills. The girls were there to win and they did just that. The girls hoisted the trophy after a 9-2 victory in the final match.

“It was a great experience overall.  My favorite part was getting medals and a big trophy.”, Krinsky said.