We conduct both  Open Trials  and  Player Trials throughout the year for each respective Rough Riders team.
Player Trials are invitational only player evaluations.


Open Trials are a set number of specific trial dates, normally between 1 to 2, taking place before the start of season and as necessary throughout the season.   

Youth players are grouped in their respective ages. Professional soccer evaluators measure a player’s technical skills by implementing specific player performance exercises, providing a complete technical profile for each youth trial participant. 

Apart from the technical evaluation, evaluators also assess a player’s overall understanding of the game through match play.  Open Trials decisions are made normally 7 to 10 days after all open trial dates have concluded. 


Player Trials are invitational only player evaluations.  They are only conducted if Rough Riders teams are looking to increase or enhance their team’s talent pool prior to the next scheduled Open Tryout.

Trials occur in-season.  They are open to a set limit of trial participants during a regular scheduled team training session.  Trial participant evaluations are made directly by the Rough Riders team’s coaching staff upon completion of one of the trial sessions.