Team training has become an important piece to the development of youth soccer players on Long Island. The most successful and dominant teams rely heavily on camaraderie, commitment, and unity.

The Long Island Rough Riders can also provide your team with a trainer. This allows teams to cater the training specifically to the techniques and skills the coaches want their players to learn.

Team Training slots fill up quickly! Contact us to arrange team training today.


Throughout the years, the Long Island Rough Riders have developed players of all ages and playing abilities.

From developing successful travel team players to professional level athletes, our proven systematic instructional training program has catered to beginner, intermediate and advanced level soccer clubs.

At the core of all our training programs is the fundamental principle of individuals having fun with a soccer ball. By developing a love for the game, players build a passion for the sport. As a result individuals improve their skills naturally as they look forward to training and playing more often.