Boys & Girls (2013 – 2007)

Individuals who are chosen for a Pre-Academy team become part of an elite player community representing all of Long Island. 

Rough Riders Pre-Academy teams participate in local, regional, and national competitions and receive training and coaching from our professional coaches.

Pre-Academy teams will practice once per week and will compete in various tournaments throughout the year. This is to supplement the team’s overall development and ability to perform in a competitive environment.

The main goal of Pre-Academy teams is to transfer the hard work from our annual intense training to competition success. Sucess for many relates to victories. The Rough Riders, however, measure success in long-term player development.

The Rough Riders Pre-Academy is completely club neutral and we welcome players from all club and town teams on Long Island. 


There are still spots available for the 2020-2021 season. If you are interested in playing for a pre-academy team, email for tryouts and other information.

2020/2021 Details

Pre-Academy Season: December 2020 to August 2021
28 Practice Sessions | 5 Tournaments
Start Date: December 6th, 2020
$1,350.00 per player
 All tournament fees are included; uniforms are an additional cost.

Winter Practices
1 hour 15 mins per session
Age Group times: TBC (between 9am-7:30pm)

Henry Kauffman Gym & Sports Center
73 Colonial Springs Rd. Wheatley Heights

Spring Practices
1 hour 15 mins per session
Age Group times: TBC (typically evenings)

Globall Sports Center
1 Charles Lindbergh Blvd. Garden City

Summer Practices
Mon-Fri (1x per week)
1 hour 30 mins per session
Age Group times: TBC (typically evenings)

to be confirmed