Boys & Girls U7(2015)-U14(2008)

Individuals who are chosen for a Pre-Academy team become part of an elite player community representing all of Long Island. 

Rough Riders Pre-Academy teams participate in local, regional, and national competitions and receive training and coaching from our professional coaches.

Pre-Academy teams will practice once per week and compete in various tournaments throughout the year. Our goal is to progress the team’s overall development and ability to perform in a competitive environment.

With this supplemental program, training will propel Pre-Academy individuals towards a successful future on the field. Success for many relates to victories. The Rough Riders, however, measure success in long-term player development.

For questions, please contact our Pre Academy Manager, Lauren Brossard, at lauren.brossard@liroughriders.com

2021-22 SEASON

Interested in joining one of our Pre-Academy teams?

Spots are still open in every age group. We welcome players to come down to a practice to serve as a try out.

If interested, please contact our Pre-Academy Manager, Lauren Brossard, at lauren.brossard@liroughriders.com


Our Pre-Academy Manager

Lauren steps into the role after more than a decade of coaching with the Rough Riders in various programs, and as a former Rough Rider player for the Women’s team.

“Lauren’s experience on the field with the Pre-Academy program and her personal history with the club made her the ideal candidate for the role. I am confident Lauren will ensure that the Rough Riders Pre-Academy progresses in the future and continues to offer the best supplemental training on Long Island,” said Peter Zaratin, Rough Riders President.

Lauren will continue as the coach of the Girls 2009 Pre-Academy age group, and will oversee all operations for the Boys and Girls teams in all other age groups.

“I am excited to have the opportunity to take on this new role.” said Lauren, “As a long time coach in the program I know what great opportunities it provides for players across Long Island. I look forward to continuing to work with the coaches to help build on the player-centered program to ensure each and every player is challenged, engaged and enjoys each session.”