Accelerate your personal development from 4 types of clinics that are offered in the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer:

Total Training | Striker Training Goalkeeper Training

Clinics are conducted once a week over a period of 8 weeks and include an introductory clinic during week 1. Clinics are grouped into 3 ability levels to ensure players are matched appropriately in classes.

Total Training

The Total Training clinic is ideal for a player who is looking to improve their overall match performance regardless of whether they are a defender, midfielder or forward.

  • Develop all aspects of game including dribbling, passing, off-the-ball movement
  • Focus on learning the unique ability to beat a player 1v1
  • Field players are grouped based on 3 ability levels

* We encourage players to enroll in this program prior to registering for any of our Striker or Futsal clinics due to the technical building blocks learned.

Striker Training

Striker Clinics are designed to provide players with the necessary skills and knowledge to score goals regardless of their position!

  • Develop various ways to technically strike a ball and finishing from different angles
  • Focus on mechanics and disciplines to consistently score goals
  • Positioning in the goal box and making proper decisions in front of goal
  • Field players are grouped based on 3 ability levels

* We encourage players to enroll in the Total Training program prior to registering to have the technical foundation and understanding on how to take players on 1v1.

Goalkeeper Training

Considered one of the most challenging positions in sports! Goalkeeper Clinics provide the necessary technical skills for shot stopping along with teaching assertive leadership and effective communication to make a goalkeeper’s team perform better.

  • Basic-to-advanced techniques in proper catching, stance and angle play
  • Develop technical skills including diving, breakaways distribution, etc.
  • Enhance positional awareness through game play
  • Goalkeepers are grouped based on 3 ability levels

Ball Mastery

Ball Mastery Clinics aid in developing soccer specific footwork and techniques that will improve ball control, passing and moving, technical speed, coordination, agility, and balance.

Skills, Moves and Fast Footwork

Teaches feints, moves and basic skills essential in developing confidence and mastery with the ball.  A major focus of the class is the application of Fast Footwork in 1 v 1 situations. A portion of each class will be dedicated to speed, agility, coordination and balance through various drills with and without a soccer ball.

High School Prep

Our High School Prep summer training program provides technical and tactical instruction in a competitive environment for the dedicated high school athlete. This clinic will focus on position-specific drills and replicate various game-like situations with plenty of game time in competitive scrimmages. Our professional coaches will look to provide physical and mental conditioning to maintain high levels of performance throughout the off-season. Our elite coaching staff helps every player become the ultimate athlete on the pitch.