Accelerate your personal development from 4 types of clinics that are offered in the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer:

Total Training | Striker Training Goalkeeper Training

Clinics are conducted once a week over a period of 8 weeks and include an introductory clinic during week 1. Clinics are grouped into 3 ability levels to ensure players are matched appropriately in classes.

Total Training

Total Training clinic sessions focus on learning the unique ability to beat a player 1-on-1 while developing all aspects of an individual’s game including: dribbling, shielding, ball control, passing and movement on and off the ball during match conditions.

Regardless if a player is a defender, midfielder or forward the Total Training clinic is ideal for a player who is looking to improve their overall match performance.

It is highly encouraged that players enroll in Total Training clinics prior to registering for Striker and Futsal clinics due technical building blocks learned in Total Training clinics.


Striker Training

Striker clinics are designed to provide players with the necessary skills and knowledge to score goals regardless of their position!

The Striker curriculum develops, refines and exposes players to the various ways to strike a ball, position oneself in the goal box, finish from different angles, and make proper decisions in front of goal.

From one-time finishing to creative volleying, players learn the required mechanics and disciplines to consistently score goals.

It is highly encouraged that players enroll in at least one 7-week Total Training clinic allowing individuals to have the technical foundation and understanding on how to take on players 1 v 1.


Goalkeeper Training

Considered one of the most challenging positions in sports!

Goalkeeper clinics not only provide the necessary technical skills to shot stopping but the inherent methods needed for goalkeepers to make their team better through leadership and efficient and effective communication.

Basic-to-advanced goalkeeper techniques are taught, allowing individuals to understand one of the most specialized positions in the sports. Skills including proper catching techniques, stance and angle play, diving, breakaways, distribution, fitness and positional awareness are incorporated within the 3 clinic ability levels.

It is highly encouraged that aspiring goalkeepers first enroll in at least one or more 7-week Total Training clinic as all goalkeepers must have the ability to play with their feet in today’s modern game.